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Email #1: Introduction to the product

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  • Monster gains and minimum risk?
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Hey, <affiliate name> here...

There’s a lot of folks on the Internet selling garbage. 

Most of it is rehashed stuff from other people.

That’s why when I come across someone who is genuine, actually succeeding and willing to help others...

...I make it a point to share them with my inner circle. 

And that’s what I’m doing today. 

You see, my friend Guy Gentile is a world renowned day trader. 

He’s been in the trenches on Wall Street, featured on Forbes and INC magazine and earns millions for himself year in and year out. 

Now, he’s opening the doors of his SMS Alerts were he delivers today’s hottest stock picks right to your phone.

Again, his picks have helped him earn a pretty penny over the years. 

And the best part is, he’s been consistent in delivering these hot picks to his followers. 

Want to follow his step-by-step stock picks also?

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I promise, you’ll be happy you did.


Email #2: Accelerate the promotion

Subject Line:

  • Beginner Trading Secrets...


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I’m about to let you in on one of the closest guarded secrets I have. 

See, whenever I want to get winning stock picks, I don’t guess, I don’t research, I simply ask the only person I trust.

His name is Guy Gentile.

He’s been in the trenches trading for over 20 years.

He worked on Wall Street, survived multiple recessions and is now sharing his picks with a few, careful selected people.

His goal is to take beginner and intermediate traders and turn them into big winners. 

The way he’s doing that is by sending the same picks he trades... directly to your phone.

He’s only doing this for a short amount of time so if you’re reading this email, you should leap on this immediately.

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  • How To Win With Stocks...


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Most people don’t know how to trade successfully. 

That’s why they get crushed in the stock market. 

Right now, there’s a bulletproof way to start winning in today’s economy. 

It’s by trading the same stocks one of the worlds leading traders picks himself.

The same stocks that help him earn millions... will be the same picks sent directly to your phone.

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